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Not Only Street Records

Manage your music more effectively with Not Only Street Records in conjunction with the dBHeard Publishing Group, LLC a label which was foundered  by CEO dB Heard who has mounted campaigns for relatively obscure independent music artist that have resulted in their becoming known and sought out as major talent in their respective fields of industry.


“dBHeard Music Business Network” NOS offers everything an artist needs ‘under one roof. 

Now Not Only Street presents its artist development program based on a one hour weekly session which develops several areas related to music, management, creativity, building a fan base, social skills and more.

• Unlimited access to wholesale pricing on all new and vintage catalogs.
• Distribution up to 750 digital stores and if you sell 500 downloads we will physically distribute your music to up to 2500 brick & mortar stores and as an extra special bonus!
• Your own Artist Web-page on our Not Only Street Website which features the best of your music, radio promotion and radio interviews, highlight’s and more.

Get promoted to websites social media, blogs, magazines, press releases and so much more!

Everything in the agreement will still be intact and effective during its whole duration which is two years.

Through the placement of articles in local and national publications, in conjunction with an advertising campaign, these artist have achieved the recognition and place within the industry that would have taken many years to achieve without a public relations promotion.

We are focused on musicians and upcoming musical artists who want to make a career for themselves in the entertainment industry, but who are frustrated they lack the contacts within that industry to enable them to break in.
Our ultimate goal is to help you make the break into this competitive industry so you can concentrate on building and developing your career within it.

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